Since 1998 till today, at Crystal Containers everyday is a beginning of a journey towards growth and prosperity. With our continuous efforts and never give up attitude, we have been able to progress at a much faster rate than usual. We at Crystal Containers look forward to every new opportunity available for growth and expansion but keeping in mind convenience of our present customers and their preferences.

Hard work and belief in "Providing The Best" has worked a lot in making Crystal Containers market leader in the Indian market in a very short span of time. We have to increase our production capacity every year due to the increasing number of customers and growing demand of the bags. Presently we grow our production capacity every year and also enjoy 100% capacity utilization.

Our factory is located at Daman. We have numerous technically advanced and automatic machineries spread in a total area of 1000 sqmts.

We also have in-house printing facility for 8 color "Rotogravure printing" to give our customers convenience of both manufacturing and printing of pouches. Thus they get best quality pouches as well as superior printing facility under one roof.

Our factory is run by very efficient and dedicated staff. Our factory workers are not only efficient cause they have technical knowledge to use the superior quality machines but they also keep a regular check on the new developments and keeps updating the factory with required and latest equipments.

We also have regular checks in our premises in order to ensure the our motto of "Providing the best quality by using advanced technology" is achieved.

We at Crystal Containers make every possible effort to live up to our promise of providing the best and strive to achieve our mission of continuous improvement.

At Crystal Containers we aim at enhancing our competitive advantages and to meet our customer's expectations, also to expand the present size of the market and continuously improve the product quality to match the international standard and thus be one of the leading players in the world market. Our mission also includes to broaden our product range using the latest available technology and marketing skill.

"To introduce new packing concept for different segments of goods in the market."

As a result of the vision we have introduced the concept of display bags and hangsells in the local market. Customers who have taken the initiative to introduce their goods in these experimentive manner of packing have accepted it in a big way. Though this concept is in its preliminary stage in the local markets its the fastest growing concept ever.