At CC our first aim is to keep introducing new and innovative products to give more facilities to our customer and continue the process of adding value to our product.

In our efforts to do so we have introduced few facilities which our regular customers have used and appreciated. We are sure you would also find its application useful for your products.



Product Details: Pouches for display of a product are attached together to make a set of multiple pieces.
1. Advertisement due to the availability of     printing facility..          Perforated Strips
2. To make the entire packing more
    convenient to handle and sell for retailers.
3. Economical way of packing.
4. To give it a better display value.
5. Visibility of the product helps spontaneous buying from
    the customers.
6. Better brand recall due to the display



Product Details: Bopp pouches are stitched from both the ends to give pouches better sealing strength while using them for products that require better protection and durability.
1. Increase the durability.                          Double Seal
2. Adds strengths at no extra cost.



Product Details: Pouches are sealed at the bottom edge to provide better sealing strength.
Advantages                               Special Notch
1. Increase the durability.
2. Adds strengths at no extra cost.
3. Easy filling of the products.

                                                             Special Seal